Upcoming changes to Beaver Barcamp

The Open Source Lab loves Beaver Barcamp, and we know the community does too. The event plays an important role in fostering relationships between the tech and academic communities, something the OSL wants to continue doing. However, we see a need for more hands-on, workshop events. Given the tight academic calendar, as well as the amount of organizing this event entails, the OSL has chosen to substitute the fall Beaver BarCamp with a DevOps or Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Hackathon event.

“This year we decided that it was best to switch to a once a year format and focus on making Beaver BarCamp better," says Lance Albertson, director of the Open Source Lab. “We also look forward to developing new education programs such as a Hackathon focused on DevOps and FOSS, getting students interested in it early on in their school year. This would also enable us to kickstart DevOps Bootcamp.”

The April 2014 Beaver BarCamp will continue as planned. The lab has decided to call this Beaver BarCamp 14, aligning the number with the year. (And yes, skipping unlucky number 13!)

At Beaver Barcamp 14, the Open Source Lab will offer a feedback session. We hope you’ll join us in discussing how the lab can continue to support the open source and academic communities at Oregon State.

Stay tuned for exciting details about our future events!